Máme ambici skutečně vytvořit dobré podmínky pro život a podnikání ve městě a přesvědčit o tom občany města i lidi odjinud.

Ing. Jan Wolf, primátor


The statutory city of Karviná manages the Integrated plan titled Karviná High Five! The City Council, headed by the mayor, supervises the preparation and implementation of the Plan realized by the Municipal Authority in cooperation with the departments of Education and Culture, Infrastructure and Environment, Mayor´s Office and several municipal organizations.

The City´s measures to reach a fundamental change are limited and dependent on cooperation of partners as well as public support. The public and private partnership has been established in 2018 to express the initial support to the Integrated Plan. Among others, the partnership consists of following partners:

  • Ministry of Regional Development of Czech Republic
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic
  • Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs of Czech Republic
  • Moravian-Silesian Region
  • Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre
  • Moravian-Silesian Energy Centre
  • Residomo
  • OKD
  • Asental Group

The network of supporting partners is gradually enlarging; the Plan is presented on local, regional, national and European level.

The public support is key feature of the process. We will continuously raise awareness among Karviná citizens on the Plan and encourage them to express their support to the planned projects and activities or directly involve in them.

BeePartner company is the external processer of the Plan, participating also in implementation and project designs together with the company RPiC-ViP


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