We aim to create favorable conditions to live and to do business in the city and make people to notice it.

Ing. Jan Wolf, primátor

Urbanization Opportunity for City Centre

The city will take advantage of the new by-pass road to enhance the urban development of the city centre. The role of the centre will be strengthened, connecting city suburbs to new build-up area. An architectural competition will distinguish the projects of exceptional buildings to become new symbols of Karvina future.

The city centre development will improve the image of the city, it will help to overcome negative demographic trends and it will adapt to the new economy after coal mining. The city of Karvina will not expand in the territory as the urbanized area will not enlarge but all city functions will be concentrated to the city centre.

project leader:
Statutary City of Karviná
project partners:
Moravian-Silesian Region
Managers and Owners of Infrastructure in Karviná
Silesian University in Opava
financial sources:
National programs
Regional programs
European funds
Own sources


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